302 – Life of Christ – Week 2

Course Objectives/Competencies:

Student will:

  1. Explain why they believe so much of the gospels are devoted the last week of Jesus’ life. (biblical)
  2. Value the worth of Jesus death as you read through the Gospel accounts. How has this formed your view of ministry? (ministry)
  3. As you read John 20, give examples and explain how/why you resonate with either Peter or John. (Individual)

Assignment 2.1

The Chronological Life of Christ by Mark Moore.

Choose 5 out of the 8 topics listed below and read the pages in The Chronological Life of Christ by Mark Moore associated with that topic. Answer the question Text, Context, Christology and application for each of the topics you chose.


Text(s) (Where is/are the text(s) that deal with the heading)
Context (What is know/unknown, where does it fit in the timeline)
Christology (What do we learn about Jesus)
Application (How would you teach this? How would you apply this?)


  1. The Lord’s Supper p. 566-570, 574-580, 592
  2. Prayer in the Garden p. 598-602
  3. Jesus’ Betrayal p. 603-607
  4. Trail before Annas/Caiaphas p. 610-612
  5. Trial before Sandhedrin p. 618-620
  6. Trial before Pilate p. 622-626
  7. Trial before Herod p. 627-628
  8. Trial before Pilate again p. 628-636

Assignment 2.2

Please watch videos and answer questions

This video takes place in the garden also known as the Mt. of Olives. During the day you can see Jerusalem from here. You can also see Caiaphas’ house from here. The public is not allowed in at night so to see and experience it at night is unique. This place is also on the same road when He rode His Donkey into Jerusalem.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Right Now Media video which requires an account. Students enrolled in MDI have free access to the site. If you have an account, you will be able to see the video.

Questions from the Video:

  1. What about the cup did you learn that you didn’t know before -I’m not looking for short answers.
  2. What about the anguish did you learn that you didn’t know before?
  3. What are some personal insights?