Admissions and Entrance Requirements
  1. All applicants are required to be in some church ministry if they are to be accepted.
  2. The MDI Application must be fully completed and sent to the MDI director.
  3. Two references must be sent to the MDI director before a student can be fully accepted.
  4. Before a person can register for a course, they must be accepted via an Acceptance Letter and they must pay the course fee via Pay?Online.??Fees are not refundable.
  5. A select number of scholarships are available but they must be applied for through the MDI Director and be issued prior to any coursework.


Incompletes are granted only if the student has completed 50% of the course and applies to the MDI Director and course teacher before the end of the course.? If granted,? the coursework must be completed within six weeks from the end of the course.

Repetition of Classes

If a student desires to repeat a course, they may do so if they have the approval of the MDI Director and the teacher of the course. Same course fee will be charged to the student as other students in the course.??

Transfer of Coursework

Students may apply for up to three courses they can transfer to MDI.? The MDI Director must approve the request.? A course syllabus and course description will be required.

Graduation Requirements

  1. At minimum, three competencies must be successfully completed in each course.
  2. Statement of Faith, as done in MDI 101, must be reviewed and revised near graduation.
  3. No student will be allowed to walk through graduation ceremony unless they have successfully completed at least ten courses.? If they walk?in the ceremony, to obtain their certificate, they must complete the remaining courses within 60 days of the graduation date. ?
  4. All financial obligations to The Crossing must be paid in full.

Withdrawl from Class Fee Refunds

Students who withdraw from courses during the course will not receive any refund.?Fees are not refundable.?However, under extreme extenuating circumstances within the first week of the course, a refund plea can be made by the student to the MDI Director who will consider special cases where fees may be applied to future coursework.?All fees refunded for a future course must be used within the respective academic year.