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Reference Letters

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Acceptance Notice

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The Ministry Development Institute (MDI) is a ministry of The Crossing, a multi-campus church with a home base in Quincy, Illinois. The focus is on developing intentional leaders with a reproducible process who minister in a relational environment. The Crossing is committed to attracting and discipling people to build a relationship with Jesus Christ. This dedication is reflected in the MDI mission, vision, core values and goals.

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for ministry-minded potential leaders to develop intentional Bible-based leadership knowledge and practice to serve in the community and church.

VISION: Individuals using their gifts and talents with greater biblical effectiveness and increased spiritual formation in the kingdom of God.

Core Values

MDI is committed to:

  1. Collaboration, cooperation and coordination to achieving our ENDS.
  2. Sustainability integrated into all avenues of ministry.
  3. Sharing of resources and ideas.
  4. God’s desire that all humans are of equal value regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation.
  5. Engaging the world on issues of Biblical understanding, allowing for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.
  6. The power of prayer in individual and corporate settings.

GOALS or ENDS for which we strive

  • Those whom we serve will understand the biblical concepts of “ministry.”
  • Individual lives will be transformed and will transform their own areas of influence within community and church throuh?vision and practice.

  • Synergy will be achieved creating collaboration, cooperation, and coordination between the community and church.

  • Related mission work will do so with a view toward long-term results.

  • The local church will be strengthened.

  • Ministry Development Institute (MDI) will be a learning organization.

If you desire to obtain a ministry certificate, MDI is for you as a certificate is awarded at graduation once you have successfully completed all twelve courses. This full version of MDI takes about two years to complete. Each course is five (5) weeks in length. There is a one-week break between courses with no classes during summer and at the Christmas season. Normally, two courses are offered in the same five-week period with six courses offered each semester. Each course is taught about every 12 months. You must complete an Application Form and be accepted prior to registering for coursework.

Application Process

To make application for MDI full version click on MDI APPLICATION?at the top menu.  Complete the total application form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  In addition, have two references sent to:  [email protected]. The Application will be reviewed and notification will be sent to the applicant as soon as possible. All application materials must be received at The Crossing and acceptance must be granted before a person can be registered in coursework.

Course Fees

There is a cost of a $20 administrative fee per course (12 courses in all).??After you have submitted your Application for MDI and are accepted into the program, you will be required to pay the administrative fee. ?There are three different payment plans to choose from. ?Simply click on the?PAY ONLINE?tab above (on the menu bar) to make your payment(s).

Course Registration

Once you have SIGNED UP and gone through the MDI APPLICATION process and been accepted, follow the following process:

  1. Click on UPCOMING CLASSES and see what classes are coming up and when they start.
  2. Click on COURSE REGISTRATION and PAY and then REGISTER for the class you desire.
  3. You will then receive an email from CANVAS INSTRUCTURE. Open the email and click GET STARTED.

MDI Courses

Tier 1 (Biblical Focus)

  • 101 – Crossing 101
  • 102 – New Testament Survey
  • 103 – Old Testament Survey
  • 104 – Life of Christ

Tier 2 (Biblical Focus)

  • 201 – Servant Leadership
  • 202 – The Book of Acts
  • 203 – Interpreting the Bible
  • 204 – The Church and Paul’s Letters

Tier 3 (Individual/Theological Focus)

  • 301 – Worldview and Spiritual Formation
  • 302 – The Passion of Christ
  • 303 – Christian Counseling
  • 304 – Missional Outreach