Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for MDI?

Taking MDI courses will increase your biblical knowledge, strengthen your spiritual maturity, and allow you to bond with like-minded students. Use of your talents and gifts will be sharpened for more effective ministry.

What is my cost?

Administrative fee of $20 for each of twelve courses (total for program is $240). Limited scholarships are available.

How do I obtain textbooks?

Textbook costs vary per course ($10 to $75 per book) but most can be purchased reasonably and discounted online at,, or other local and online bookstores.

How long are courses and program?

Each course is five weeks long with total program about 18-24 months long.

How many hours of study time are needed per week?

Many students indicate it takes 3-10 hours per week, depending on topic, course and student background. In general, we try to keep homework at 6 hours a week.

What can I do with the MDI Certificate?

Be better prepared to answer Bible questions, understand key Bible knowledge and utilize ministry principles as well as apply such to your personal and ministry lives. Bible and ministry knowledge and skills are documented formally thus allowing generally accepted academic standards to be met. Such formal courses verify you meeting ministry criterion. Transcripts may be sent upon request.?

How is the classroom set up?

All coursework is done online via the Internet. Courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time depending upon student access to the Internet.

How do I interact with the teacher and other students in class?

Some assignments are “Discussion Threads.” Students are able to read each other’s work on the assignment. Students are able (and sometimes required) to comment and interact on assignments. The teacher also posts comments about the?assignment. Most classes are simply turned in online. Only the instructor will see the work.?Instructor and student can?easily communicate through each?assignment if necessary.

How am I graded?

Grades are?given for each assignment in the course. You are able to look at your grades through the Grade Book within the course.