202 – The Book of Acts

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Sonny Woollard

Course Description

This course encounters the major changes in God's relationship with the world and His people in this key transitional book of the Bible. Trace the major sections of the book, consider the purpose and historical context of the book and study the major events in Acts of the Apostles, early church and the Holy Spirit. The start of Christianity as a sequel to the four Gospels is examined. Apply the biblical concepts of material presented in Acts to your personal Christian life and the local church.

Course Objectives/Competencies

1) Take the Acts test at both the beginning of the class and at the end. Hopefully you will see improvement. (biblical)

2) Think through the evangelism methods you see in the book of Acts and develop an personal evangelism plan and put it into action in your life. Share with a person who will keep you accountable and pray for you. Post your plan in week 5 as a discussion thread. (individual)

3) Study Acts 2:42-47 and see how the early church did church. Evaluate your ministry and rate yourself based off of the practices of the early church. What are you doing well? What needs to be improved? Post this as a discussion thread during week 4. (ministry)


Moore, Mark E. (2003). Fanning the Flame: Probing the issues of Acts. Joplin, MO: College Press Publishing Co.

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