201 – Servant Leadership

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Alan Rabe

Course Description

This course examines the principles and practice of servant leadership with practical application in contemporary leadership and management settings. Servant leadership as Jesus modeled will be studied along with the example Paul set throughout his ministry. Specific implications and applications are made to practical real-life by developing a strategy for immediately applying servant leadership.

Course Objectives/Competencies

1) Describe three servant leadership principles and practice each in a real-life ministry setting. Write at least three paragraphs of reflection for each experience. (ministry)

2) Select one domain from the four leadership domains (Four H's) and develop an action plan to implement it into your life. Share with a person who will keep you accountable and pray for you. (individual)

3) Identify and explain ten leadership experiences in the Bible where servant leadership principles are demonstrated. Cite the respective servant leadership principles, your position on the principle, advantages/disadvantages, and how you will use such practices. (biblical)


Coleman, Robert E. (1993). The Master Plan of Evangelism. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Revell. ISBN: 978-0-8007-3122-9

Blanchard, Ken and Hodges, Phil. (2005). Lead Like Jesus. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. ISBN: 978-4003-1420-1

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