104 – Life of Christ (Sermon on the Mount)

Course Start Date

January 6, 2020


Steve Easterwood

Course Description

This course will focus on the longest teaching of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 5-7. It will examine the major themes of the Sermon on the Mount with the goal of practical application in life and ministry.

Course Objectives/Competencies

1) Develop a greater understanding of the Sermon on the Mount through textbook reading, viewing videos, and online discussion.

2) Write a 5 pages, double spaced message that can be used in a church or classroom setting based on one passage from the Sermon on the Mount. This talk will include Explanation, Illustration, and Application with at least 30% being application.?

3) Complete a self-examination based on the teaching of Matthew 5 - 7 and develop a plan to lead others through this self-examination. Give feedback on the material.

4) Complete a final exam on the Sermon on the Mount.


Idleman, Kyle. (2015). The End of Me. Colorado Springs, Co. David C. Cook Publishing Company. ISBN 978-1-4347-0707-9

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