103 – Old Testament Survey

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Jerry and Allison Harris

Course Description

This course presents a panoramic view of the chief events, prominent characters, main themes, traditions, outstanding teachings, and historical and geographical cultural contexts of the Old Testament. The student will grasp the Old Testament as a whole and each book as a unit, building a strong understanding of the Hebrew people as seen in the Old Testament so that the student can implement these principles into their own life and ministry.

Course Objectives/Competencies

1) Read through the entire Old Testament and know its major divisions (biblical)

2) Identify the major themes of the Old Testament and review a personal statement of belief with these themes in mind. (individual).

3) Problem-solving through exegesis using references written down and turned in weekly. (Ministry)


The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament. InterVarsity Press.

Youngblood, Ronald, The Heart of the Old Testament, Baker Book House (1998).

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